Submit a business project to Circulab to improve its circular design

Are you an entrepreneur and/or a project leader? Is your project less than 3 years old? Are you still looking to refine your business model? Do you want your project to have a positive impact? Do you need to better understand and identify the opportunities and threats from the circular economy point of view? Submit your project to Circulab

The Circulab Academy participants work on a concrete case study by applying the Circulab toolbox: the Value Chain Canvas, the Partner Map and the #CircularCanvas. What if Circulab challenged your project for free? 

For 8 weeks, participants from all over the world will analyse your ecosystem (potential partners, competitors, customers), identify your impacts at all stages of your value chain, in order to provide you with valuable information and enable you to better design your business model under #CircularEconomy principles.

Your participation simply requires attending the Q&A sessions with Circulab that take place once a week (30-60 minutes) on Zoom. 

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