Circulab toolbox: apply regenerative economy principles

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Available in seven languages, the tools featured in the Circulab toolbox have been tested and improved by hundreds of customers in various industrial sectors around the world since 2014. 

The following tools make it possible to explore a context, map a business model with all its impacts, identify key stakeholders, and start generating circular and regenerative ideas under a systemic approach:

  • Value Chain Canvas: by considering a business' entire value, this macro-level tool helps investigate all the major parameters of the business system in order to identify the most relevant issues from an economic and environmental perspective.
  • Partner Map: this meso-level tool enables users to identify all the stakeholders of an ecosystem on a given issue in order to better anticipate interactions and facilitate the creation of shared value.
  • Circular Canvas: this micro-level tool enables users to map business models and their impacts, share information with stakeholders and create great circular products/services.
  • Biomimicards: while playing this game, get inspired by the superpowers of living ecosystems, get to know more about Biomimicry and create more serious products and services.

This tool is part of the ProCirc Procurement Toolbox