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Cross-KIC Circular Economy System Maps

EIT Community

The Cross-KIC circular economy system maps developed by the EIT Circular Economy Community consolidate two databases:

  1. The circular economy-related initiatives of recent years initiated, funded or supported by the six KICs involved in this community, and
  2. The initiatives related to circular economy in the portfolios of selected European stakeholders.

Sustainable healthcare waste management in the EU Circular Economy model

Health Care Without Harm

Start/End date: 
03 Nov 2020

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Health Care Without Harm has recently developed a set of global principles for sustainable healthcare waste management. This position paper builds on those principles and focuses on the situation in Europe – particularly with reference to the EU Circular Economy framework.

The Circular Toolbox: A step-by-step guide for apparel brands to launch rental and resale business model pilots

Circular Toolbox


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Circle Economy's Circular Toolbox is a free online, step-by-step guide for apparel brands to launch rental and resale business models in 10 months. The toolbox guides users through a tried and tested circular innovation process and provides them with all the resources they will need along the way.

Product Circularity Data Sheet

PCDS logo

Start/End date: 
01 Jan 2021

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The Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS) is the result of the European Circularity Dataset Initiative launched by the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg in 2018. More than 50 companies from 12 different countries have put together the proof of concept of the PCDS data template, including the related standard and its audit system. More information can be found on