Join the GLOPACK Final Event on the Next generation of food packaging

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Packaging is an essential element in the response to address the key challenge of sustainable food consumption on the international scene. Minimizing the environmental footprint of the packed food is clearly about reducing food waste and loss while eradicating plastic pollution and the risk of micro and nano-plastics.

To address the dual challenge of minimizing food waste and loss while fighting plastic pollution, the GLOPACK H2020 funded project has focused on food packaging solutions that are 100% biodegradable in natural environment and bring new functionalities to enhance the packaging usage benefit (active functionalities to increase shelf life and intelligent functionalities for freshness tracking).

The GLOPACK Final Conference and Stakeholder Event will take place at the Hotel Crowne Plaza Montpellier – Corum, Montpellier, France, on 17 November 2021 in a hybrid format.

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