Recyclers' Talks #6 | Revision of the ELV Directive

The revision of the End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive is a long-awaited opportunity to adapt this piece of legislation to the overarching objectives of the European Green Deal and the new Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP). In alignment with the CEAP, the revision of the ELV Directive shows a high level of ambition on three pillars:

  1. Eco-design
  2. Connecting the dots with end-of-life treatment, including tackling loopholes to deal with vehicles whose whereabouts are unknown, and
  3. Recycled content for certain materials, particularly plastics.

Join Recyclers’ Talks #6 on 15 November at 14:00 - 16:00 CET. We'll be discussing what is needed to tailor the ELV Directive to achieve greater circularity in the automotive sector and a more sustainable value chain, and see how different players can contribute to this goal.


Keynote opening comments (14:00-14:20)

  • Paul Mayhew, General Manager, MBA Polymers, President of EuRIC EPRB
  • Christian Wimmer, Senior Expert, DG Environment, Waste management & Secondary Materials, European Commission

Panel discussion with Q&A from the audience (14:20-15:50)

  • Amélie Sophie Salau, Environmental Policy Director, ACEA
  • Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary General, EuRIC
  • Fanny Rateau, Programme Manager, ECOS
  • Sandra Tostar, Technical Specialist in Polymer Materials, Volvo Cars
  • Joost Schollaert, General Director, Galloo Plastics / Olivier François, Director for Development of the Galloo Group, Vice President of EuRIC

Concluding remarks and policy recommendations (15:50-16:00)

  • Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary General, EuRIC

The event will be moderated by Kira Taylor, @EURACTIV