Innovation in packaging: toilet paper products wrapped in cardboard

LC Paper
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The project of LC Paper consists in the migration of all the plastic packaging of paper products (toilet paper, hand towels...) to cardboard packaging and "folding" (thinner cardboard) free from chemical bleaching processes.

Besides switching from a non-recycled material to a recycled and easily recyclable format, it also has some side benefits such as a much improved logistics efficiency due to the higher stackability of cardboard boxes compared to packs with plastic wrapping, thus greatly reducing the number of trucks needed to ship the products to the retail stores.

One of the main challenges was the fact that, unlike plastic wrappings, "folding" cardboard is not transparent. To overcome this challenge, a fully printed packaging with a real-size picture of the inner content was designed, thus creating the visual effect of a transparent pack, compatible with the standards of retail stores. This technique, already used in other product categories such as cereals, was never used before in the toilet paper category.

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Main results
  • Elimination of single-use plastic in packaging
  • Double digit improvement in logistics efficiency, due to the increased stackability of items packed in cardboard compared to plastic wraps, with consequent reduction of trucks needed for transportation.
  • Translation of packaging concepts previously applied in other product categories (i.e. cereal packs) to the toilet paper category, resulting in a better implementation of circularity.