Quick Scan Circular Business Models - a white paper

Quick Scan Circular Business Models

Quick Scan Circular Business Models
Jan Jonker
Niels Faber
Timber Haaker
Publication Date
February, 2022
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This white paper on Quick Scan Circular Business Models - Inspiration for organising value retention in loops from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy offers an approach for developing a circular business model. It is based on a classification for existing and future circular business models developed in 2021. It consists of seven basic models geared primarily to the manufacturing industry, although it can also be used in other sectors.

The paper is divided into three parts:

  1. an introduction explaining the background and central concepts
  2. an overview of the seven circular business models comprising the classification, and
  3. the actual Quick Scan.


The interactive Quick Scan version can be found here.