Tools for developing your circular business model

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Saxion University of Applied Sciences offers a free set of three interactive tools to develop a circular business model through this link.

With the Quickscan Circular Business Model (CBM), you gain insight into how you can make your company more circular.

  • You use a questionnaire to assess where you are now when it comes to sustainable and circular entrepreneurship.
  • You then explore the possibilities for a more circular business model. To do this, you choose a basic circular business model and then tailor it to your needs by selecting options for building blocks such as organisational form and revenue model.

The core of the circular economy is organising closed material loops. The Circular Loop Designer is an online tool to let you easily sketch a material loop yourself. You can start with an empty template or select one of the examples to start designing your own loop. The tool offers a unique library of symbols and arrows to draw your loops. Once drawn, you can easily save and share your sketches.

The Business Model Template offers a practical structure for developing a sustainable business model. The template consists of ten building blocks divided into three phases:

  1. the Definition phase
  2. the Design phase, and
  3. the Result phase.

The building blocks are designed for each phase and connected to each other.

Check the free ebook and white paper for more information.

Example of a circular loop