Green Growth Community communication training on how to improve story-telling techniques in the field of sustainability

The second edition of the Green Growth Community (GGC) communication training will help the Interreg MED community improve storytelling techniques. This training will take place online on 22 February at 10.30 CET and will be rich in lively interactive exercises.

The training session - 1 hour and 30 minutes - will give attendants participatory tools to help them get their messages across in a simple but more effective way, and create stories around a given challenge in the field of sustainability following innovative techniques. It will follow a methodology based on the systems-thinking approach for communication.

The training aims to help participants envision a future in which they have achieved their goals following a visual story methodology. By building a common vision of the desired future with this given methodology, participants will get the communication tools that will allow them to work towards that horizon.

The GGC remains committed to advocating for green growth and a circular economy in the Mediterranean region. For this reason, REVOLVE - the GGC’s communications partner – will open this workshop to the whole Interreg MED community and any other initiatives or actors in the field of sustainability.

Last year’s edition focused on storytelling techniques to inspire journalists. The training's highlights from our first communication training are available here, as is the GGC's communications kit including an overview of its work and achievements, together with links to materials, graphics, and stories. The kit is designed to help understand the community and find relevant, up-to-date information to share across your networks.

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