REFLOW Academy: three online courses on the circular economy

REFLOW Academy
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REFLOW Academy enables stakeholders to enrol in a set of three online courses focusing on the circular economy (CE).

  1. The first course, Introduction to Circular Economy, offers an exhaustive overview of the CE concept: its rationale, historical development, positioning with regard to other sustainability concepts, current challenges and future directions. Designed for beginners, this introduction course gives you the tools to navigate through circularity implementation, whether at city or business level.
  2. The second course, Governing a Circular Economy in Cities, is intended for city stakeholders who want to get to grips with how CE can be implemented at city level. It highlights the benefits and challenges of transitioning to a circular city, positions circular cities within other urban sustainability concepts, and details the frameworks, principles and practical tools available to actively engage cities in a circular transition.
  3. The third course, Circular Business Models for Regenerative Cities, takes a business perspective to the transition to CE. It offers an introduction to business model innovation and positions circular business models within the sustainable business model concept. As well as presenting the theory behind sustainable and circular business models, the course offers a top-down and bottom-up approach linking business model innovation with the circular city transition. The course is intended for city representatives in charge of business support at local level as well as entrepreneurs keen to adopt a circular business model.