BRINC workshop on how to fund circular economy projects

High upfront investment costs are a recurring challenge for many circular economy initiatives. Through this online workshop Funding circular economy projects on 13 June (10:00 - 12:00 CEST), the COSME co-funded BRINC project addresses this issue by providing an overview of different funding sources (public programmes, private investments and blended funding) for circular economy innovations, and by advising project promoters on how to strategically access such funds.

Questions to be addressed during the workshop:

  • What type of funds are available for your circular economy initiative?
  • Which criteria are to be filled to access funding?
  • How to build a business case for your circular innovation?

The BRINC project will unlock the potential of cross-border Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) by acting as an Innovation Procurement Broker and establishing a European Hub for PPI in a circular economy. The project aims to:

  • facilitate the identification of public innovation needs,
  • conduct market consultations to identify market capabilities and potential solutions, and
  • help public buyers tap into the innovative capacity of SMEs.

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