How circular is a city area? Some inspiration from the Taranto Circolare project

Taranto Circolare report
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On 22 February at 16:00 - 18:00 CET, Tondo will present the report on the Taranto Circolare project.

This project aims to create an impact on the city of Taranto in the Apulia region (Italy) by triggering its ecological transformation. It's driven by the Tondo association, which aims to develop and consolidate sustainable and circular projects in this urban area, particularly the Old Town. The province of Taranto has a rich industrial history: with its strengths, characteristics and challenges, it's fertile ground for the implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions.

Taranto Circolare has conducted an in-depth study of the level of circularity in the Taranto area. Tondo's team focused on material and energy flows in the macro-sectors of the province of Taranto in 2020, covering inputs, outputs, waste and emissions, and quantifying the region's level of circularity. They highlighted its challenges and strengths, in order to develop project proposals that enact circular principles in the areas with the greatest potential.

The main opportunities identified focus on utilising by-products, streamlining related processes, and leveraging innovation and collaboration between regional stakeholders. The analysis data showed a circularity index of 8.5%, while the total input materials of the main sectors analysed were estimated at around 16.9 million tonnes. The percentage of gross renewable energy as a percentage of total energy produced was 21.2%.

The report is available.

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