Level(s) and the EU Taxonomy: How to navigate changes to sustainable finance rules for buildings

The European Commission is hosting a webinar showing how the EU Level(s) framework for sustainable buildings can help industry professionals navigate changes in the rules governing sustainable finance as regards construction and real estate.

The session explores changes related to the EU Taxonomy, a classification system setting the conditions that key construction and real estate activities will have to abide by in order to qualify as environmentally sustainable.

Why attend?

  • Learn about the purpose and objectives of the EU Taxonomy in relation to sustainable construction and real estate activities. 
  • Find out how the Level(s) sustainability performance indicators help to report on sustainable construction and real estate activities covered by the Taxonomy. 
  • See how the Climate Delegated Act (2021) and Environmental Delegated Act (2023) influence reporting requirements. 
  • Understand how Level(s) helps with staying one step ahead of evolving EU regulations.

Who should attend?

  • Construction and real estate professionals seeking to align with EU sustainability regulations. 
  • Companies and individuals involved in building sector sustainability, from design to demolition. 
  • Financial market participants, advisors and stakeholders interested in sustainable investment. 
  • National ministries and civil society members focused on sustainable development and environmental policy. 

Date and time

18 March from 15:00 to 16:45 CET