EU Circular Business Conference 2018: Sustainable Products in a Circular Economy

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A shift from a linear “take, make, consume and dispose” model into a circular model will involve all economic actors: product designers, manufacturing industries, product distributors, the repair and reuse sector, and recycling and disposal industry.

Following the publication of an “EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy” in December 2015 and the adoption of a set of measures such as the "EU Strategy for Platics in a Circular Economy" in January 2018, the European Commission has recently published a roadmap “Towards an EU Product Policy Framework contributing to the Circular Economy”. This roadmap is meant to nurture the free exchange of ideas at the Circular Businesses Conference between high-level European decision makers and representatives of relevant industries.

The conference includes panel discussions on Circular products: opportunities and challenges for citizens, business, growth and jobs

Registering for the conference is free and can be done here.