Favini's upcycled ecological papers: Remake, the soft touch of leather

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Rossano Veneto
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Remake is the most recent addition to Favini's upcycling ecological paper range, using as much as 25% of pulp material from discarded residue of the leather manufacturing process. This revolutionary process has won the European Paper Recycling Awards 

Launched in 2015, this innovative paper also includes 40% of post-consumer FSC certified recycled fibre and only 35% of virgin FSC certified fibre.

The result is a valuable, recyclable and 100% compostable paper, which guarantees excellent printing and converting performance. The leather residues remain visible to the surface giving a distinctive and surprisingly velvety tactile effect and is suitable for even the most demanding creative projects.

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  • Remake's aesthetic and unique qualities are perfectly fit to the luxury industry, filling up a niche for sustainable production in luxury packaging
  • In full respect the environment, Remake contains 40% of post-consumer waste
  • The leather by-products are sourced from traceable Italian origin.
  • Remake is FSC and produced using EKOenergy, the renewable electricity.