Discover the Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform! Watch the video of its first annual conference at the Italian Senate in Rome

The Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ICESP), the mirror initiative launched at national level by  the only Italian member of the ECESP's Coordination Group, ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), is now up and running. 

Discover the ICESP's first annual conference entitled The Italian way for Circular Economyat the Italian Senate in Rome on 3 December 2018, which showcased its first results and involved around 60 national stakeholders from companies, institutions, academia, research and civil society.

The ICESP is a "network of networks" aimed at bringing together initiatives, experiences, critical issues and perspectives that Italy is willing and able to represent in Europe in the field of circular economy. Its objective is to promote the Italian way for circular economy at national and international level, through the involvement of Italian stakeholders.

The ICESP acts through six working groups: 1) Research and eco-innovation, 2) Policy and governance, 3) Measuring the circular economy, 4) Sustainable and circular design, production, distribution and consumption, 5) Cities and territory, 6) Good practices.