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Excited about the 2019 circular economy stakeholder conference? Join five inspiring speakers at TedXParcDuCinquantenaire the night before and get warmed up for our annual conference with inspiration from:

During this two-hour event you will hear about the changing times in which we are living, where  environmental and ecological crises leave us with no option but to adopt a circular economy. A revolutionary new economy that is not just an environmental solution and economic opportunity, but also a starting point for a new hub of ideas, for creativity, for re-creating,  and for re-thinking not only the use of things but all of our habits and attitudes towards the environment. 

TedXParcduCinquantenaire will be hosted by the European Commission in the Breydel building and starts at 18:30. Registration is possible here, but access is on a first-come, first-served basis.