A Roadmap for Developing Romania’s Strategy for the Transition to a Circular Economy 2020-2030

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Constanta, Cluj-Napoca, Buzsu, Timisoara, Brasov, Calarasi, Craiova, Bucharest

The project Romania's Strategy for the Transition to a Circular Economy (ROCES) 2020-2030 aims to define the pillars to support Romania’s transition to a circular economy by involving all relevant stakeholders and by attracting the necessary financial support.

The project’s key objectives are tied to the identification of the regional and local opportunities of the CE sector in Romania. For this purpose, IRCEM and the Romanian Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with the Department for Sustainable Development, as well as 12 other ministries and partners, will participate in 8 different working groups, one in each region of Romania, aiming to develop ROCES.

The results of the conferences and the workshops will take into account the international context and formulate Romania’s strategy on the circular economy 2020-2030.

Between December 2018 and November 2019, the following events and activities will take place:

I. Launch conference ROCES – Iasi, 12 April 2019.

II. Dynamic actions in a national context: 8 regional conferences and 8 interactive workshops:

  1. Iasi, 12 April 2019: Accelerating the transition towards the circular economy for sustainable clothing and textiles
  2. Constanta, 19 April 2019: The application of the circular economy in the water sector
  3. Cluj-Napoca, 10 May 2019: Sustainable constructions for circular, intelligent and inclusive cities
  4. Buzsu, 16 May  2019: Scaling the circular economy for managing recovered waste resources
  5. Timisoara, 20 May 2019: The role of materials in the circular economy in the packaging, logistics and retail industry
  6. Brasov, 31 May 2019: The attributes of the circular economy in energy efficiency
  7. Calarasi, 3 June 3 2019: Circular econom for the management of the agricultural, food and forestry resources
  8. Craiova, 7 June 2019: The impact of the circular economy in the manufacturing and transport industry.

III. The European Conference - Bucharest, 11 June 2019Roadmap for developing a strategy on the circular economy in Romania

IV. Researching the Romanian market by involving all relevant stakeholders from the governmental and economic departments, groups of interest and other experts from various fields of work through interviews and questionnaires.

V. Recurrent meetings of 6 work groups on the following subjects:

  1. Research and development, diffusion of knowledge and education
  2. Political and governance tools
  3. Tools for measuring circularity
  4. Sustainable and circular systems for design, production, distribution, and consumption
  5. Cities and regions
  6. Best practices/models and integrated approaches.

VI. Active involvement of the interested parties in the project’s activities.

VII. Continuous communication with the public with regards to the progress of the project on websites, social media, and other mass media channels.

More details regarding current activities within the project can be found here or on IRCEM's Facebook page.