Urban Agenda Partnership: call for experiences and best practices in waste legislation

09 Jul 2019
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Within the framework of the Urban Agenda Partnership for the Circular Economy, the Dutch Centre for European Law is carrying out a basic evaluation of relevant EU legal frameworks from a circular economy perspective. To enrich this analysis with feedback from the everyday practice of cities, there is now an opportunity to provide valuable input to the analytical work of the Partnership that will support recommendations to improve the legislative framework.

As lead partner for this action on better regulation the city of The Hague kindly invites you to share your experiences by filling in a questionnaire for one or more relevant resource flows from (municipal) waste. Relevant resource flow can be:

  • plastics
  • textiles,
  • WEEE,
  • bulky waste,
  • bio-waste or,
  • batteries.

Flows can also represent more specific fractions of these types of waste, like bottlecaps or discarded DVD players. For every resource flow you can provide feedback on relevant EU legislation. The main legislative acts under review are the Waste Framework Directive, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, the Batteries Directive and the WEEE Directive that were revised as a result of the adoption of the EU Circular Economy Package in 2018. Of course, there is room to include other relevant legislation in your feedback.

The interactive questionnaire (PDF) can be downloaded here and should be returned to info@bright-tool.eu before 1 September 2019. To provide feedback on more than one resource flow, fill in a separate questionnaire for every individual resource flow.

Alongside the directives linked to above, this European Parliamentary Research Service briefing introduces the 2018 circular economy pacakge updating waste legislation, and the following documents provide background information on the reforms adopted last year: