Workshop on Roadmap to a Circular Resource Efficient City

Urban Agenda for Circular Economy
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The Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy seeks to support cities in overcoming the regulatory barriers to a circular economy while also developing the knowledge base needed for a circular transition. One of its actions focuses on helping cities develop their own Circular Urban Resource Management.

During this European Week of Regions and Cities workshop, participants will learn why cities want to take responsibility for a resource efficient and circular city and hear what experienced cities have learned while implementing such plans. The framework that will be introduced consists of three parts:

  1. steps to guide cities through the development process
  2. a substantive assessment framework to make well-founded decisions that allow the plan to be tailored to individual cities
  3. theoretical background information to deepen knowledge on the subjects involved.

Overall, the workshop will seek input from participants to further improve on the Circular Urban Resource Management framework.