Delivering circular economy through the European Green Deal

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Time is running out to prevent climate change from spiralling out of control and to stop ecological breakdown – two challenges that are driven to a large extent by our linear economic model and ever-increasing demand for natural resources. The textiles economy is a salient example. Global production of textiles generates more greenhouse gas emissions every year than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined. 

With the design of the EU Green Deal and subsequent actions, EU policymakers have an opportunity to put in place an ambitious, integrated approach to get Europe on-track towards a future within the limits of the planet. One in which high-impact sectors, such as fashion, are reformed to maintain the value of clothes, fabric and fibres in the economy for as long as possible.

In this event in the European Parliament, Mistra-funded researchers will share what they think EU policy must do to enable circular fashion and the European circular economy more broadly, followed by an open dialogue with business representatives and policymakers on the opportunities for implementation through the EU Green Deal.