EEA Report: Preventing plastic waste in Europe

Preventing plastic waste in Europe

EEA Report
Henning Wilts (ETC/WMGE), Ioannis Bakas (EEA).
Dirk Nelen, Kévin Le Blevennec, Ulrike Meinel, Bettina Bahn‑Walkowiak, Mona Arnold (all ETC/WMGE). Lars Fogh Mortensen, Almut Reichel, Daniel Montalvo (EEA)
Publication Date
June, 2019
Language for original content
Ioannis Bakas

This report from the European Environment Agency reviews waste prevention policies in Europe with a focus on how these policies approach the issue of plastics and plastic waste.

Waste prevention is at the centre of EU waste legislation as it delivers the most effective results in dealing with environmental issues around waste, placing it at the top of EU and national waste strategies and legislation.

Waste prevention can be implemented in any waste stream, but it needs to be customised to reflect each stream's particularities. This report focuses on plastic waste, as there is potential for substantial mitigation of the environmental issues raised by increased plastic consumption through the use of waste prevention instruments and mechanisms.