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Submit for a spot in Circular Week 2020, the festival showcasing circular initiaves across Europe

Start/End date: 
12 Oct 2020 to 18 Oct 2020

Event type:

Austria, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom
Warsaw, Belgium, Vienna, London, Ljubljana, Krakow, and more european cities


Circular Week is an international campaign comprising a series of events and initiatives throughout Europe, devoted to the subject of circular economy and sustainable development.

The main goal of the initiative is to involve as many people, entities and institutions as possible. Everyone can become a co-organizer of International Circular Week. Grassroots initiative could take the form of e.g. goods exchange platforms, educational workshops, seminars, food sharing events or online webinars.

The initiative is supported by numerous embassies to highlight the scope of the concept of circular economy and the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Each involved Embassy - The Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden - will organize an educational event relevant to the highest-priority topic.

Interested? You can submit your own event on the circular map. As the main project coordinator, INNOWO will gather all initiatives, place it on the online platform of events and in the calendar available to the public and support them in promoting these events.