RecyCâbles - recycling and recovery of cables

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RecyCâbles is a joint venture between Suez and Nexans started in 2008 that collects, recovers and processes used cables. Its vision is a more sustainable future by contributing to the circular economy approach.

The materials from the cables - such as copper, aluminium and polymers - are recycled and used to make new cables with metallic elements of 99,9 % pure copper.

The process requires advanced technologies that combine sorting, cutting and crushing. All types of cables are treated, including insulated or sheathed, steel or lead-armoured, thin or wide sections, end-of-life copper- or aluminium-based cables. The recycling and re-use of cable materials keeps them in the economic loop.

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  • 30 000 tonnes of cables are treated each year.
  •  By 2020, the site of SUEZ Nord ecopôle in Noyelles-Godault (France) aims to reach its maximum annual processing capacity of 36 000 tonnes.