EcoProtech Oy: turning waste organic material into biogas

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EcoProtech Oy is a Finnish company active in the field of biogas technology. It has developed the EcoProtech Advanced Digestion (EPAD) technology, based on a continuous, industrial scale, anaerobic digestion process. Due to the efficient process and equipment design, EPAD has achieved high levels of efficiency.

Based on customers' needs and feedstock, the process can be tailored to be either mesophilic (low temperature) or thermophilic (high temperature). In anaerobic digestion (in the absence of oxygen), a variety of natural micro-organisms degrade the organic material into biogas (a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide) and water. The organic residual (digestate) can be used as raw material for green fertilisers.

The different stages of this metabolic process, comprising a variety of biochemical reactions, are hydrolysis, acidification, acetogenesis and methanogenesis. The company has built up experience in the chemistry of these biochemical processes and in operating industrial-level EPAD plants.

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Development of this highly efficient technology in the waste-to-energy sector that is already supplying energy to Finland's forestry sector. It has the following advantages:

1. Low life cycle cost

» high biogas production rate
» energy efficient process solutions with high net energy production.

2. Steady, safe and reliable operation
» automated and controlled process operations
» reliable process and equipment solutions
» high quality components with a long life time.

3. Pure, mature, nutrient-rich end products
» no emissions or odour problems
» sterile and hygienic end products
» high nutrient recovery.

4. Flexible solutions
» tailored to customers' needs
» adaptability to different climates
» conventional plants can be retrofitted.