The SAWYER project: identifying skills and safety needs for the furniture sector's circular transition

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The SAWYER project aims to facilitate the transition of European furniture companies to a more circular economy.

The project ran from February 2020 to March 2021, studying the main legislative and voluntary instruments that can facilitate this circular economy transition. It also analysed how these instruments are expected to impact and transform the European furniture sector by 2030, alongside the digital transformation ("twin transition"). Lastly, SAWYER will study how this transition can affect existing jobs, workers’ health and safety risks, and their new training needs. The final report will be available in 10 languages.

Main results
  • Mapping the state of play of circular economy legislative and voluntary instruments in the European furniture sector (and in some other relevant countries)
  • Identifying how the circular economy and digitalisation ("twin transition") could affect jobs and tasks, occupational health and safety risks and workers’ training needs within this sector
  • Preparing recommendations for legislators and regulators, as well as Vocational Education and Training providers.