Cross-KIC Circular Economy System Maps

The Cross-KIC circular economy system maps developed by the EIT Circular Economy Community consolidate two databases:

  1. The Cross-KIC circular economy initiatives of recent years, initiated, funded or supported by the six KICs involved in this community, including EIT RawMaterials, EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, EIT Climate-KIC and EIT Urban Mobility. Different views or clustering approaches in the system map enable analysis of strengths, gaps, overlaps and synergies for the initiatives.
  2. The European circular economy initiatives offer a map of initiatives related to circular economy in the portfolios of selected European stakeholders. This map allows an overview and benchmarking with initiatives within some key European stakeholders.

These system maps are a useful tool for portfolio management, enabling the creation and implementation of a Cross-KIC strategy for circular economy, but also serve as an access point for any interested stakeholder who wishes to scour the landscape of circular economy innovation funded and/or created by the KICs or other European stakeholders.
Based on these maps, the EIT KICs can better understand where their strengths, weaknesses, overlaps and synergies lie in order to trigger cross-innovation and collaboration, boosting their reach and influence in driving the European circular economy agenda.