Policy Gaps and Opportunities for Circular Fashion in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is the world’s second largest ready-made garments exporter, accounting for approximately 14% of the GDP. Bangladesh produces over 400 000 tonnes of textile waste per year (equivalent to 1.5 billion recycled garments). At least 10% of this waste is created from cutting fabric in garment production (scraps, off-cuts etc.). The goal of the partnership is to redefine post-production waste as a high-value resource to be used internally in the country, and work toward reduction of use of virgin fibre by creating economic incentives.

On 16 June 2021, Circular Fashion Partnership Event "Policy Gaps and Opportunities for circular fashion in Bangladesh" (10:00 a.m. - noon CEST) will present the opportunities and discuss identified barriers to accelerating the transition to a circular fashion business model in Bangladesh. The event will bring together prominent policy makers and industry executives to discuss potential solutions for Bangladesh to become a leader in circular fashion.

Join the event to learn more about the circular fashion business model Global Fashion Agenda has been developing together with leading manufacturers, brands, and recyclers in Bangladesh. The event offers possibilities to discuss opportunities and explore ways to overcome barriers to accelerate the transition to a circular industry that distributes value across all actors.

You can register here.