Textiles: EU Textiles Strategy and Sustainable Product Initiative: What would an ambitious textiles strategy look like?

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At a moment when the EU stakeholders hold their breath for the EU Textiles strategy to be published in the next few weeks, this workshop aims to give a final signal to the EU policy makers that a high level of ambition needs to be maintained in the upcoming proposal in order to create a turning point for the textile production and consumption, and more importantly for its global impact on the society and environment.

After hearing from the EU representatives and an update on latest research, the stakeholder panel raised their top policy priorities they want to see in the proposed framework. Together, we will use this opportunity to answer the question: What would an ambitious textiles strategy look like?

Facilitation: Valeria Botta, ECOS

  • Jana Zurkova - ECESP Textile Leadership Group Coordinator, RREUSE - Welcome and setting the scene
  • Paola Migliorini - European Commission, DG Environment - Update on the upcoming EU Textiles Strategy and Sustainable Product Initiative
  • Lars Mortensen - European Environment Agency - New briefings on environment and climate impacts from textiles
  • Emily Macintosh - Member, Fair and Sustainable Textiles Coalition - Stakeholder panel
  • Evi Oivanen, Founder & CEO, Cuitu (startup) - Stakeholder panel
  • Baptiste Carriere-Pradal - Chair, Policy Hub - Stakeholder panel
  • Martin Böschen - Vice-President, EuRIC Textiles - Stakeholder panel
  • Mathieu Rama, Senior Policy Officer, PREUSE - Stakeholder panel
  • Vera Groeneveld - Policy Officer Circular Economy, The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management - Closing remarks 

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