A Circular Benchmark Tool to evaluate the transition to circularity by regions

The Circular Benchmark Tool (CBT) enables regions to take stock of both their progress towards a circular economy and possible steps to improve their performance with a view to accelerating their transition to the circular economy. The tool is still in development, but regions and services can register for further testing and stay informed about how the tool is developing. The CBT aims to cover 50 regions in 2022 to enhance the benchmarking experience, cross-regional learning and knowledge exchange.

One of the CBT's main goals is to act as a replicable tool for knowledge exchange so as to improve regional circular performance and facilitate cross-regional learning about the circular economy. The CBT assessment is straightforward: users answer statements on circular economy principles. Consult the step by step guide on how to use it.

Once regions have completed the assessment, benchmarking with other regions can facilitate knowledge exchange and learning. Set up your regional account and start the assessment today.