Remix the School Distributed (RTSD)

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Teaching pupils and students about food recycling

The Remix the School Distributed (RTSD) project recognises that school children need to be taught about the hows and whys of food recycling. The project works with schools to share knowledge and forge links between educational institutions and creative hubs with a view to turning educational centres into digital social innovators. Schools have moved on from learning by rote, after all.

The RTSD project is a platform that enables schools to use this experience as a lever to transform their teaching model and provide imaginative solutions to local problems, based on design, co-creation and digital technologies. It seeks to create a practical community that can share the knowledge generated and act as the foundation of a sustainable, green and creative ecosystem throughout Europe.

The project introduces primary and secondary education teachers and students (from kindergarten to the 12th grade) to the 7 R’s of sustainable development (Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Reflect, Recycle, Reject and Respect). It invites them to express themselves artistically, while learning to design their own biomaterials using food waste and craft and digital fabrication techniques.

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