Interreg NSR ProCirc : a comprehensive circular procurement toolbox

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The Circular Procurement Toolbox is built upon existing tools and methodologies designed to assist procurers in their efforts. It comprises a collection of original tools and methods that have been compiled throughout the project's duration, and continues to be refined based on practical experiences gained through their implementation.

When selecting a tool, it is crucial to consider the unique context of your organization, the level of circular maturity, the product category, and, most importantly, the specific goals you aim to achieve.

Within the toolbox, you will find a comprehensive list of tools that can be filtered according to the product category, procurement stage, and other relevant parameters. This filtering process enables you to identify and choose the most suitable tools that align with your procurement objectives.

Additionally, If you are a procurer looking to assess whether a tool aligns with your needs, we invite you to explore seven gathered elevator pitches presented by tool owners. These pitches offer a glimpse into each tool's capabilities and can help you determine their potential suitability for your procurement objectives.