WREP scheme: Pilot project for recycling post-consumer PVC articles

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The Waste REcycling Project (WREP) is a pilot scheme developed by PVC Forum Italia, the national association of producers, converters and recyclers of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), in collaboration with VinylPlus, the European PVC value chain association. It aims to make the collection, sorting and recycling of PVC waste from demolition/renovation, bulky waste and waste management centres more efficient, using a consolidated and accredited traceability methodology.

WREP was initially conducted in the Metropolitan City of Venice with a view to identifying, intercepting and recycling PVC from waste streams on construction sites, bulky urban waste collection,  waste selection and treatment plants and direct collection from producers and installers.

Subsequently, this experimental project was extended to the Brenta river basin and the urban area of Padua and included in the European CIRCE2020 programme.

Ten bulky waste collection centres have joined the project. Several recyclers have also got involved; in collaboration with the collection centres, they have undertaken to use the post-consumer PVC.

Meanwhile, the WREP scheme has been extended to the demolition sector and several demolition companies are starting to adopt it.

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The project:

  • has created a network of agents responsible for collecting/sorting and recycling PVC
  • cuts the costs involved in managing bulky waste by 45-50%
  • is helping the environment by using recycled rather than virgin materials. Less energy is needed (- 0.54 kWh/t of PVC) and less CO2 is emitted (- 2 ton/t of PVC)
  • has achieved over 99% purity, which is key for getting a good price for the recycled product.