WME2024: the European exhibition and conference on waste management and the circular economy

Waste Management Europe 2024 (WME2024) is a high-level summit featuring international, national and sector-specific keynote speakers, panel discussions and interactive sessions. It will give attendees valuable insight into how to improve waste management practices, implement circular economy principles and achieve sustainability goals.

The conference will take place in Bergamo, Italy on 9-11 April. You'll be able to find, compare and validate suppliers that will deliver for your company and discuss technical issues and budgets in the field of waste management. The event will provide organisations with vital exposure to the SMEs and start-ups driving the latest innovations and best practices in waste management, recycling and the circular economy.

WME2024 is an opportunity for larger organisations to learn more and potentially partner up with smaller, innovative new businesses that are making their mark in these sectors.

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