2A - Circular Economy and the Critical Raw Materials Act

Session 2A - Circular Economy and the Critical Raw Materials Act
Start/End date

Lead organisations: EIT, EURIC

The workshop presented an open discussion about the role of circular economy in the coming CRMs Act, with the aim to:

  •  Raise awareness about critical raw materials and the associated challenges from a circular economy point of view.  
  • Explore how EU circular economy policy can contribute to EU objectives on critical raw materials, such as boosting the secondary raw materials market (e.g. list of strategic materials to EU Green Deal).  
  • Showcase best practice examples in Europe employing circularity strategies to optimise resource-efficiency for critical and strategic raw materials, as well as hear from the European Commission how it is approaching these challenges.


  • Opening remarks: Ignacio Calleja, Senior Advisor, EIT Raw Materials 
  • Keynote speech:
    • Constantin Ciupagea, Head of Unit, JRC
    • Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary General, EURIC & Chris Heron, Eurometaux
  • Panel discussion: 
    • Constantin Ciupagea, Head of Unit, JRC
    • Chris Heron, Eurometaux
    • Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary General, EURIC
    • Antoine Oger, Head of Global Challenges and SDGs Team, IEEP
  • Closing remarks: Ignacio Calleja