ECESP Coordination Group Work Plan 2023

ECESP Coordination Group Work Plan 2023
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The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform has a Coordination Group of 24 European members. This is their Work Plan for 2023.

What's new in 2023? The Coordination Group (CG) aims to shift from discussions to implementation, from WHY to HOW. There will be more structured dialogue between the ECESP CG co-chairs and the European Commission (EC) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The ECESP CG will rely on its existing expertise and insights to foster the EU’s green transition.

This work plan will comprise fewer but more impactful topics, focusing on textiles, bioeconomy and construction.

Leadership Groups will explore circular diplomacy, circular procurement, cities and regions, and citizen engagement & circular behaviour.

The ECESP has knowledgeable and experienced representatives in EU countries that can mobilise their networks and make circular change happen. It can assist EU representatives through engagements in official visits, events and bilateral meetings on the circular economy, enabling the EU to increase its reach across society as a pioneer in the green transformation. Linked to circular diplomacy, the concept of regional circular hubs, platform and network governance and funding for circular hubs will be disussed and fostered.

2023 will also feature more intense collaboration and alignment of priorities between the CG and its parent institutions, the EC and EESC, as the ECESP will have to move from start-up to scale-up.

The power of networks can greatly multiply and strengthen the impact of one actor to make the circular economy a reality for us all.

ECESP Coordination Group Work Plan 2023