Ecopreneur reviews landscape of circular economy policy across the EU

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The 2019 Final Report: Circular Economy Update - Overview of Circular Economy in Europe, by, is a landscape review of circular economy policy across the EU Member States. It aims to inspire these countries to accelerate their circular transition. Combining the EU's Monitoring Framework with other rankings, databases and reports, Ecopreneur presents 28 country profiles using a mix of quantitative data and qualitative information to highlight specific indicators. These range from waste generated per capita to voting behaviour on EU proposals on the circular economy.

The report also describes the current performance, initiatives, most relevant organisations, policies, challenges and examples of good practice for each Member State. The country profiles show 28 unique different trajectories towards the circular economy. Some countries and regions, such as the Netherlands, Scotland, Slovenia, France, Belgium and Finland, are already leading the way. Each country profile concludes with Ecopreneur’s recommendations, with the following overarching key messages for all EU Member States:

  1. Start a Green Deal on Circular Procurement
  2. Create circular “hubs” to support companies with circular models
  3. Create a national circular economy roadmap with concrete targets
  4. Improve and extend the extended producer responsibility (EPR) to cover eco-modulation of fees
  5. Introduce low VAT rates for repair services, resold goods and transactions with clearly defined social goals
  6. Create a “Green New Deal” to shift taxes from labour to resources
  7. Shift investment away from municipal waste incineration.

The European Sustainable Business Federation,, has set a course towards sustainable economic policies at European level, with a view to supporting the economic and societal transformation across Europe and beyond. is a non-profit non-governmental organisation under Belgian law. The federation presently has six member associations from different EU countries. Through, these associations strengthen the voice of sustainable business in Brussels. Over 3000 businesses are represented under Ecopreneur, mostly SMEs, that strive to deliver sustainable products and services.

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