Pledge by:

European Federation of Bottled Waters

Plastic materials:

  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • EPS
  • PS
  • PET
  • PVC
  • PU
  • ABS
  • PA
Summary of the pledge
Europe’s producers of natural mineral and spring water believe that PET bottles must be given a second life. Therefore, in line with EU Plastics Strategy’s annex III, EFBW members pledged publicly on 15 May 2018 to include at least 25% of recycled PET into the production of new bottles by 2025, as an EU average. This public announcement was followed with a pledge to DG GROW with specific tonnage towards reaching the goal of 10 million tons of recycled plastics into new products by 2025. This pledge intended to accelerate the shift towards a more circular European economy.
Today on 21 May 2019, following the adoption of the SUP Directive, the 25% recycled PET by 2025 has been made mandatory for beverage bottles.

Pledged quantitiesPET