Circular Economy Asia: developing circular skills for a 24-country region

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In line with European circular economy principles, Circular Economy Asia, an Asian-based NGO, has just launched the Global Circular Economy Foundation Course project. This project aims to create an introductory foundation course for the circular economy, which is freely available and guarantees we are all aligned as to the skills required to establish a circular world.

The CEO of Circular Economy Asia, Ms Adrienna Zsakay, states "There is a wealth of job opportunities in the circular economy. But we cannot realise these jobs unless we have the skills to do so."

Circular Economy Asia invites subject matter experts to contribute to the process of co-creating a globally recognised course for the circular economy. You can find more information, download the brochure and register via their Skills webpage; the deadline for registering  (registration form) is 31 August 2021. The first meeting will take place on 13 September 2021.