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Thank you for your interest in the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) interactive section!

This section of the ECESP website is your space to discuss and accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Its operations are facilitated by the ECESP Secretariat, hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee. For more information about the Platform, please visit our About page.

This section of the website enables stakeholders to discuss specific topics and recent developments in the transition towards a circular economy. Here, you can learn more about ground-level solutions and network with other circular economy actors. You can share, connect and seek advice from your peers.

Participation in the forum is free of charge and accessible to all. Whereas anonymous users may view the forum's front page and the selected highlights, only registered users can view all the discussions and participate. To register, please create an ECESP user authentication account (link)

The forum is governed by certain principles as described in the Terms of Use below, which have been written to help protect users and ensure the best possible experience for all participants. Please review these carefully before using the forum.

Terms of Use

  1. Liability: All messages posted in this forum are the sole opinion and responsibility of the author. Our moderating team does its best to keep the discussions focused and civil; nevertheless, we are not always able to pro-actively prevent abusive or personally-identifiable messages. By participating in the forum, you agree not to hold the European Economic and Social Committee, European Commission and affiliates in the Coordination Group liable for anything stated within the forums.
  2. Relevance: Please make sure that your contribution is relevant to the circular economy. You may use the discussion forum to expose a new initiative, an innovative process or a particular challenge. Contributions offering or asking for solutions are equally welcome on the forum.
  3. Moderation: All content posted on the forum will be post-moderated. This means that contributions will appear immediately to other users; however, ex-post checks will be performed to ensure compliance with the Terms of Use below. Non-compliant content will be either corrected or removed. In order to maintain an environment that encourages civil and constructive dialogue, we reserve the right to rescind user access in case of persistent breach of the terms of use.
  4. Obscenities and offensive remarks: All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, libelous, slanderous or illegal materials or comments are strictly prohibited. Rudeness, negativity, personal attacks, harassment, bullying or cruelty are also prohibited, as well as content including racist, xenophobic, misogynic or more generally intolerant stance and tone. Posts including such messages may be removed without warning. Access for users who use abusive or derogatory language towards other users may be rescinded. If you feel you are subjected to harassment or inappropriate behavior, or identify a post that is breaching the present rules, you are invited to alert a moderator (link)
  5. Spamming: Posting unsolicited messages (i.e. advertising and promotion), incongruous or off-topic comments, as well as copy/paste messaging across posts, will be considered spamming. This includes commercial messages or employment advertisements. All posts considered spamming may be removed without warning. Access for users who proceed in such a way may be rescinded.
  6. Language policy: You may post in the language of your choice. Please note that the choice of language will directly impact the number of users that will be able to understand and react to your contribution. All contributions are subject to post-moderation, regardless of the chosen language.
  7. Keep private messages and public posts separate: Send a private message (e.g. “thanks for the information”, etc.) to individuals. Don’t post it in the thread.
  8. Please note carefully all items listed in the domain legal notice.​

Legal information

In order to maintain an environment that encourages civil and constructive dialogue, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate registration in the ECESP forum for anyone who infringes these rules.

By registering to use the ECESP forum, you agree to be bound by the above Terms of use as well as the Legal Notice which relates to the European Union web presence,, where ECESP is hosted.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ECESP forum or if you need to contact us, please use this form.