INDI - a bright new life for recycled paper, thanks to unique REPAPER technology

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INDI is a Lithuanian design brand founded by designer Simonas Tarvydas. The line combines its unique recycled paper technology – REPAPER – with original and contemporary designs for interiors. 

INDI has developed this method which creates a fascinating illusion - objects that look like they are made of heavy concrete in fact are extremely lightweight. INDI aims to create aesthetic interior elements that are environment-friendly and pollution-free. INDI lamps and other REPAPER interior objects can be recycled and reused as material for future designs. That’s why the brand is considered to be the first Circular design brand in Lithuania. 

INDI design is distinguished by its visual illusion, sustainability, minimal and pure style, and the brand has been awarded a national “Good Design“ prize three years in a row.

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INDI's recycled paper technology (RePaper) allows to turn secondary materials into contemporary design objects. The brand produces lamps, clocks, small pieces of furniture, and interior décor objects using local press paper, low-emission production technology, and ensuring the secondary use of its design product materials.

INDI's philosophy stems in the belief that design is not only about creating things but also is a complex system, where each element from a material to the final product and its recycling is based upon a responsible approach to nature and the environment.