Reach net zero by engaging your value chain

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For the average company, 92% of its carbon footprint originates in its value chain: the services, products and resources that go into the company’s end products. 

These carbon emissions are increasingly becoming a business liability – so when you reduce your carbon footprint, you also reduce risk to your business. In addition, starting your carbon reduction work now ensures that you stay ahead of sustainability legislation, and makes your business more attractive to investors, future employees and customers. 

Implementing circular economy principles through supplier engagement and updated procurement policy is a crucial component of reducing value chain emissions. 

This event will bring together climate change and carbon reduction experts who will explain why and how to engage value chains, and focus on offering practical solutions and actionable advice. 

The session will also include the launch of a new report on the best strategies for businesses wanting to take action on their value chains, including the most effective measures a business can take. 

Speakers will be announced shortly.

This webinar will take place on 26 April at 15:00 CEST. The registration page provides further details.