Chile's road to a circular economy: European strategies and visions

23 Jul 2020
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On 23 July 2020, Chile, The Netherlands, and Slovenia are again joining forces to create a circular future.

This second edition of the cross-continents conference sees Linette Solway, Director of Technology Transfer and Circular Economy at EuroChile, Ladeja Godina Košir Chair of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform in Brussels, and Freek van Eijk Director of Holland Circular Hotspot discuss how to achieve sustainable recovery in Chile and what is the role of the circular economy.

The first webinar edition of EuroChile analysed the role of the circular economy in the post-Covid19 recovery, with as main speakers main speakers the Director General for Environment of the European Commission, Daniel Calleja, and the Manager of Circular Economy at Enel Holding, Luca Meini.

Takeaway from the virtual event: Ladeja Godina Košir

In uncertain times that we live in today, good crisis management is extremely important, as is long term vision. The circular economy is offering us great tools to achieve resilience and nevertheless to achieve SDGs - so let’s do it on a systemic level and let's engage a variety of stakeholders. When thinking about circular solutions, there are 3 levels to be considered:

  1. Supply-side solutions
  2. Demand-side solutions
  3. Nature-based solutions

Maintaining value is always in the focus and shift towards more sustainable production and consumption shall lead to decisionmaking processes. To do so, orchestration of interests and alignment on shared values and goals play a critical role. Stakeholder engagement - Governance - Leadership are essential for making circular change reality, to move from preaching to implementing circular solutions.

Keeping in mind that there are a lot of circular challenges, but at the same time there are a lot of circular opportunities as well. Namely, look at what some start-ups are already doing to exploit circular food opportunities: Vegetarian Butcher, PROTIX, Surplus Food Factory.