Circulytics - How circular is your company?

18 Dec 2019
Key Area

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is currently developing Circulytics, a company-level assessment tool which allows companies to:

  • Highlight their efforts to capture circular economy business opportunities through strategic prioritisation and innovation
  • Provide a snapshot of the circularity of their material flows and service models
  • Understand the key development areas to concentrate on with insights from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 

Circular economy business models are providing ample opportunities for companies to capture additional value from their products and materials, and mitigate risks from material price fluctuations and material supply.

The indicators consist of the Material Circularity Indicator, measuring how restorative the material flows of a product or company are, as well as other indicators that allow additional impacts and risks to be accounted for.

The indicators may be used by product designers, as well as for internal reporting, procurement decisions, and the evaluation or rating of companies.

Developing the circularity indicator web tool has created a commercially-available web-based tool that will provide businesses with the means to track their progress and ensure that their products fit a circular economy based model. 

This technology will allow companies to create Circularity Reports that can then be shared with shareholders or the public, in order to maintain transparency and keep consumers informed on the company's circularity.