The City as a Businessmodel: how to integrate sustainability, circularity, and social inclusivity in the urban environment

City as a business model
04 Oct 2018
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The seminar on  "the City as a Business Model" took place at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, on 4 October. The core of the seminar was the presentation, discussion and knowledge exchange of best practices from various European cities that strive to integrate sustainability, inclusivity and the circular economy principles.

Cities like Nijmegen, Antwerp, Maribor, Naples (municipality of Pozzuoli), Copenhagen, Rotterdam, London and Amsterdam were given the opportunity to showcase their experiences. The seminar also hosted several keynotes and presentations on generic approaches that can lead to sustainable, inclusive and circular urban economies, such as "the City as a Data-mine".

The seminar was open to a wide range of professionals active on related projects and had the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience as well as networking. For this reason it was limited to 100 attendees, thus providing a prime opportunity for interchanges. In addition, participants received a White Paper "The City as a Business Model", especially written for the occasion by Jan Jonker, Naomi Montenegro Navarro and Geraldine Brennan, which was published on the same day.