Fashion game-changer: Treadler, H&M Group’s B2B initiative, makes its circular strategy accessible to other companies

17 Mar 2020

The challenges the fashion industry is facing are significant, especially when it comes to producing more sustainably. H&M Group is a family of brands and businesses within fashion and design. By offering access to H&M Group’s supply chain to other companies, the Group hopes to help efficiently accelerate sustainable production.

Treadler is a B2B initiative by H&M Group, launched on the 4th of March 2020, enabling external companies to access the Group’s global supply chain. The tailored service suits the need of each client and covers all steps from product development to sourcing, production and logistics, where clients will benefit from the Group’s expertise, long-term supplier partnerships and strategic sustainability work, which will help them to overcome initial business barriers and accelerate sustainable change.

The Treadler client also gains access to H&M Group’s extensive circular strategy, which includes scalability of innovative and recycled materials, as well as a supply chain with clear goals. The Group has roadmaps towards zero production waste, cutting waste recycling, rainwater harvesting, where available, and recycled water in production, as well as renewable energy. H&M Group also focuses on innovation within sustainable processes and techniques, to reduce dependencies on natural resources, and reach the goals of a climate-neutral supply chain by 2030, as well as the goal of using only sustainable or recycled materials.

Treadler clients will gain access to the knowledge of the H&M Group suppliers with the experience to pilot and scale up these kinds of project as well as the data to measure it. These goals are secured through the experienced local production teams engaging with industry initiatives, universities as well as innovative solutions to address circularity in fashion supply chains.