International knowledge co-creation event Beyond Growth: Conference Report is out!

19 Feb 2020
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The Beyond Growth -conference was held in Helsinki in October 2019. The work on the outcomes is going on. The conference report has been published.  

The aim of “Beyond Growth – Indicators and Politics for People and Planet” conference was to advance the ongoing discussions on developing measures of wellbeing and sustainability and improving their use in integrated policy processes. This international knowledge co-creation event brought together a wide range of actors to discuss and develop policy recommendations.

The recommendations made in the conference have raised significant attention among decision-makers and were noted even in the EU Council Conclusions Building a sustainable Europe by 2030 (see page 9).  

Currently Fingo is working with the support of external consultants to develop an advocacy strategy and an action plan based on the conference recommendations. For more information, please contact Elina Mikola and Senja Väätäinen-Chimpuku.

One of the recommendations expressed in the report is a Fair Transition to Carbon Neutral Circular Economy

  1. The EU should establish a European fund financed through environmental taxation which allocates resources to the affected regions, industries and people.
  2. Member States should set a limit to the per capita material footprint, while ensuring equitable implementation.
  3. The EU should mandate the life-cycle assessment, including human rights and ecological objectives, in all production."