Invitation for feedback and expert workshops on taxonomy for sustainable finance

20 Dec 2018
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The European Commission’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance is inviting stakeholders to give feedback on:

  • the 1st round of proposed activities that contribute substantially to climate change mitigation (across 5 sectors: energy generation, buildings, transport, forestry, certain manufacturing sectors), and
  •  the usability of this 1st list of activities (deadline for comments on these two items is 22 February 2019).

The EC is also hosting several workshops with the purpose of gathering relevant expertise. Technical experts may express their interest to register for these workshops by 4 January.

  • Additional expertise is needed, among other things, on how to ensure that climate mitigation activities do not significantly harm other environmental objectives, as well as on a 2nd round of climate mitigation activities to be analysed, which will include waste and water management.

You can find additional information on both feedback and workshops here.