Join these webinars to learn more on the new EU Ecolabel criteria for Electronic Displays and Paper Products

New EU Ecolabel criteria have been adopted for Electronic Displays and Printed paper, stationery paper and paper carrier bag products. Stringent criteria ensure that EU Ecolabel products are among the best on the market in terms of environmental performance.

According to these new criteria, EU Ecolabel electronic displays must:

  • be energy efficient and repairable
  • have a minimum recycled content and
  • be easy to dismantle for more circularity.

Likewise, EU Ecolabel printed and converted paper products must:

  • use high contents of sustainable or recycled fibers,
  • be recyclable,
  • be associated with low emissions and
  • may only contain a limited amount of hazardous substances for more circularity.

To learn more about these new criteria, join the two webinars organised by the European Commission, one on Electronic Displays on 9 December and the other on Printed paper, stationery paper and paper carrier bag on 10 December 2020.