Promoting a greener choice: the EU Ecolabel turns 30

31 Mar 2022
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On 23 March 2022, the EU Ecolabel officially turned 30 years old. With over 80 000 goods and services awarded the label across 24 product groups, the EU Ecolabel is widely recognised across Europe. 

Three decades on, this EU initiative is still striving to build a greener future and a more resilient Europe by contributing to EU Green Deal objectives such as the circular economy, climate neutrality and zero pollution. Find out more about how the EU Ecolabel has evolved over the years and how it is moving forward. 

Many activities are planned to commemorate the past 30 years of achievements, with the Ecolabel continuously inspiring consumers, businesses and retailers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. In May 2022, the EU Ecolabel Showroom will be brought back to life, but this time on wheels. From the launch at EU Green Week in Brussels, the EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels will showcase EU Ecolabel goods and services across EU countries throughout the summer and autumn. Don’t miss out: the Showroom may be passing by your country. The Showroom will finish its tour in Brussels in time for World Ecolabel Day on 13 October 2022.  

Additionally, local activities will take place across the EU to highlight the achievements of the EU Ecolabel and reinforce the bonds between EU consumers, businesses and retailers.